Our Mission

UNDERSTANDING our own roots, CARING for the land, PRESERVING tradition as a key to access to the future.

This is our mission, and we put it into practice through every step of our job and every season of the year, from the work in the vineyards to the techniques used in the cellar, to ensure that our production really constitutes a tribute to a land naturally inclined to great viticolture.


In the heart of the Pescara province, the Vestini landshire stretches from the Appennini mountains to the Adriatic sea; among these gentle hills seats the town of Collecorvino, which long before the Roman empire based its economy on agricolture, mainly on vine growing and olives coltivation.

Contesa estate has its roots grounded in the history of this land, where it inherited a great wine making tradition.


In 1903 two great landlords of the countryside round Miglianico, a little village in the ancient Kingdom Of Italy, dissipated a large part of their vineyards for a strange matter of oaks, hogs and vineyards…

My great-grandfather Antonio Caramanico, also known as "Zi Antonije of Cocciaroscie", was a skillful wine-grower and a great winemaker. He was owner of a vineyard situated at the grounds' border of Antonio Perrucci, nicknamed "Ciucculone."

Just across the border, within the property of "Ciucculone's" there was a secular oak so wide that the arms of five men were necessary to surround its trunk; its powerful branches and its thick leafage got over the grounds of "Zi Antonje" and they covered with a shade a part of his own vineyards.

My great-grandfather had his grapes damaged by both the roots in the ground and the shadows cast by the great oak's branches. Therefore he thought about bringing his pig to eat the acorns that fell plentifully from the plant on his ground.

The initiative didn't please "Ciucculone", who'd rather go to the Court of Ortona since he wanted to force my great-grandfather to pay a share for the acorns eaten by the "hog". A QUARREL (in italian Contesa) was born between the two in order to defend their own fields, acorns and grape.

So many were the pigs of "Zi Antonije" that fattened up under the oak, but they were also so many the pieces of the vineyard that the two men lost to sustain the legal expenses…

Today I have the same passion for the land and the vineyards which induced "Zi Antonije" to deprive himself of part of his properties to defend the quality of his grapes and wines.

I have been the player in a QUARRELL myself, the conclusion of which has today given birth to my new company, originated from the split of my father's old winery.

I wish my sons can keep on defending their job and vineyards with the same tenacity and passion that has characterized my family for a long time.

Rocco Contesa - Wine-maker and vine-grower